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Face masks.


Between creams, serums, cleansers and the other skincare products, face masks are the ones you use the least often, but you see their benefits every day! Calling them products is reductive, face masks are treatments that can get you visible results in no time. What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate, at least once or twice a week disconnect from the daily grind and give yourself the beauty break we all deserve, regardless of gender… Try it to believe, preferably with some music!

How face masks can help you.

Can it be the useful amusement? Of course, it can! Face masks are proof of this, not only do they restore your skin to a fresh, glowing glow, but they also make you disconnect from everyday life by relaxing. How? It’s very simple, just apply the face mask once or twice a week to benefit from the intense and relaxing effect of its active ingredient formulas, complementing the effectiveness of your daily facial skincare routine.

Why buy from us.

When it comes to the beauty of your skin, we leave nothing to chance! That’s why we develop high quality, microbiologically tested and gender free face masks. In the QuinDee world, face masks integrate wonderfully with creams, serums, cleansers and all our other facial products, through skincare routines designed for each skin type. QuinDee is UNisex, UNusual, UNconventional: whoever you are, we have the facial beauty routine for you!

Which face mask to buy depending on your skin type.

Face mask for all skin types: everyone is craving and clamoring for it, who are we talking about? It’s obvious, the moisturizing face mask! With its revitalizing effect, it gives your skin hydration, softness, firmness and radiance, thanks to a formula rich in actives and vitamins.

Face mask for oily or normal skin: these skin types are not satisfied with just a moisturizing mask! In fact, they like to alternate it with the purifying face mask, which can promote cell renewal and remove impurities, giving you glowing, even and firm skin.

To enhance the effect, use our facial masks within QuinDee’s facial beauty routines, designed solely and exclusively with skin types in mind, you’ll see you won’t regret it!