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Face serums.


Can a facial serum work miracles? Yes, in fairy tales. We do not believe in fairy tales, but in our facial products gender free, created by listening to the needs of our community. You’ll see, it only takes a few drops a day of QuinDee’s facial serums to achieve great tangible and lasting benefits. Are you wondering how this is possible? It’s very simple, just follow our facial skincare routines every day, designed exclusively for your skin types.

How facial serums can help you.

We never get tired of saying it, facial serums are essential to your daily facial cleansing routine! They allow you to achieve visible results in a short time. How? Thanks to the ultra-concentrated formulas of active ingredients, which complement and enhance the effectiveness of the face creams. Combination makes strength! It sounds trivial, but it is not.

Why buy from us.

When it comes to the beauty of your skin, we leave nothing to chance! That’s why we develop high-quality, dermatologically tested and gender-free facial serums. In the QuinDee world, serums integrate wonderfully with creams, masks, cleansers and all our other facial products, through skincare routines designed solely and exclusively according to skin types.
QuinDee is UNisex, UNusual, UNconventional: whoever you are, we have the facial beauty routine for you!

Which face serum to buy depending on your skin type.

Face serum for sensitive and dehydrated skin: if you have this skin type, you can’t do without our hyaluronic acid facial serum, which strives to give you skin that is always hydrated, toned, supple and soft.

Facial Serum for oily skin: for this skin type, Quindee fields the team of purifying actives in the niacinamide facial serum in order to reduce impurities, minimize enlarged pores and regulate sebum production.

Face serum for normal or mature skin: at the end, we have the solution for you too! What it’s called. Vitamin C facial serum, famous for its antioxidant and brightening action that can give you youthful, glowing skin. Like all serums, follow our skincare routines to maximize the benefits, you’ll see you won’t regret it!