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Skincare for Everyone.

We started QuinDee in January of 2022 after seeing that skincare products were often targeted towards a specific gender or skincare problem. We’re revolutionizing skincare by being a trusted friend you can go to for anything—regardless of your gender, age, and skincare needs.

Ungendering Skincare.

Our mission is to help everyone, regardless of their gender. Unisex, unconventional, and unusual–we aren’t like typical skincare providers. Our results are tailored to all skin types, and our results are long-lasting.

Our Mission.

We believe everyone deserves excellent skincare, regardless of their gender, age, or specific skin issue. While skincare is often targeted towards women, we know everyone benefits from quality skincare products and routines that make them shine.

Why Choose QuinDee?

Whether you’re trying to combat oiliness, dry skin, aging, or a different issue altogether, we’ll help you treat your specific issue with products tailored to your unique needs. We also meet strict EU standards for clean, safe products, ensuring your skin health and peace of mind.

More Than Quality.

Inclusivity means providing a wide range of products for all skin types, sensitive or not. We’re invested in offering a diverse set of products, which means we’re invested in skincare for all. We also provide specific advice along with our products, so you feel confident about your skincare products and routine.

What They Say About Us.

Learn what our community has to say about our skincare products and kits.

“ La mia pelle è migliorata tantissimo da quando utilizzo il kit pelle grassa. Meno brufoletti e punti neri, veramente efficace”

“QuinDee dixit: la pelle non ha sesso. Niente di più vero! Il mio compagno mi ruba tutti i prodotti 🙂 ”

"Seguo da un po' i consigli di QuinDee utilizzando diversi prodotti. Non posso più farne a meno"